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Matching Results: iPhone 3 Artist Series

Anthony Yankovic iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Anthony Yankovic iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Art is deeply rooted in my family history. My great, great, great, grandfather brought the first paint brush over to America on the Mayflower. During the voyage he feared that the fine hogs-haired bristles would be damaged on board the crowded vessel. He had no other choice but to hold the brush above his headnbsp;… [View Details]

Chuck Anderson iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Chuck Anderson iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Chuck Anderson is an artist & designer originally from Chicago, IL and now living in Grand Rapids, MI. Working under the name NoPattern since 2003, Chuck’s work has been utilized by a wide range of clients such as Microsoft, Vans, Reebok, Burton, and Atlantic Records. In addition to commercial work, his personal work has receivednbsp;… [View Details]

Cinda B iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Cinda B iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

  Launched in 2004, cinda b was the dream of award-winning, Atlanta designer, Cinda Boomershine. A love for color and passion for design led Cinda to start her own design firm in 2002. Quickly recognized for her fresh and functional approach and eye for design trends, Cinda was invited to join the cast of TBS’snbsp;… [View Details]

Deanne Cheuk iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Deanne Cheuk iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Deanne Cheuk is a New York-based art director, illustrator and artist.She got her first job as a magazine art director at the age of 19. Since then, Cheuk has art directed or designed numerous publications, including most recently, Tokion Magazine. Cheuk’s art direction has been heavily influenced by her illustrative work and she is renownednbsp;… [View Details]

Design Your Own iPhone 3G / 3GS Custom Case

Design Your Own iPhone 3G / 3GS Custom Case$34.99 allows you to design your own custom iPhone 3G / 3GS case with art from world-renowned artists. Through our one-of-a-kind customizer you can choose a device, select an artist, and experience a whole new level of creativity and customization. The end results in a completely unique, 1-of-1 designed case. Start customizing your very ownnbsp;… [View Details]

Hannah Stouffer iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Hannah Stouffer iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Los Angeles-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer finds a great deal of comfort in imagery- it’s an admiration that is often times overwhelming. With an infatuation for icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres and subcultures, her work is an opulent, elegant and beautifully intricate mixture of illustration and design. Her densely-packed compositions consciouslynbsp;… [View Details]

Joshua Davis iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Joshua Davis iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Joshua Davis is a New York based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. “Davis creates his work through explorations of the technical and aesthetic limits of software programs to generate unique visual compositions according to rules-based, randomized processes.” -Cooper Hewitt The results are often what Joshuanbsp;… [View Details]

Keren Richter iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Keren Richter iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Keren Richter is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and art director. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she swapped coasts to attend Parsons School of Design and later graduated with an art history degree from Columbia University. Her psychedelic illustrated narratives incorporate her disparate loves of unusual architecture, textile design, fashion, and ephemera from other eras.nbsp;… [View Details]

Matt Moore iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Matt Moore iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration studio based in Portland, Maine. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform watercolor paintings, and massive aerosol murals. MWM exhibits his artwork in galleries all around the world, and collaborates with clients in allnbsp;… [View Details]

Nigel Dennis iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Nigel Dennis iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

26-year old Chicago artist Nigel Dennis entered the professional scene in 2004 bearing the stamp ‘ELECTRIC HEAT’.  Since then he has proven himself a prolific designer. Implementing a variety of elements from photography to typography to free-hand illustration, his compositions conceal a broad palette.  Nigel’s work has effectively blurred the line between fine art andnbsp;… [View Details]