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Matching Results: iPhone 3 Artist Series

Ray Frenden iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Ray Frenden iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Ray Frenden is a self-taught illustrator with a penchant for monsters and the macabre. Drawing from a childhood weaned on old horror comics, pulp fiction, and sci-fi, his brush and ink work hearkens to an older era. His sensibilities for line and footing in current color and design trends helps make the work unique.

Shadow Chen iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Shadow Chen iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

Shadow Chen AKA Saltyshadow, sees working as an illustrator and a graphic designer as the best thing ever. She has a product design background, but full passion for almost every form of visual art such as traditional painting,digital art, mixed media, graphic design and more. Her works are always seen in trippy and liquid forms,nbsp;… [View Details]

Thomas Hooper iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases

Thomas Hooper iPhone 3G / 3GS Cases$34.99

English born I live, paint and tattoo in New York City; Husband to Kimberly Hooper, son to Mary Purfield, Brother to Peter & Eleanor Hooper. I have worked for Jim Macairt, Alex Binnie, Dante Dimassa and I now work for Lori Leven. Born in Hastings East Sussex, I moved from London to America to pursuenbsp;… [View Details]