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iPhone 4 Barely There 2

iPhone 4 Barely There 2$49.99

The best-selling case just got better. Still just as thin, but with an updated design. Barely There 2.0 for iPhone 4 merges protective ABS plastic with unique organic materials and finished fabrics to create a case that radiates a high-end look and feel. Polycarbonate backing with an in-mold design, texture, and feel Flexible, protective polycarbonatenbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Barely There Case Hipster Combo

iPhone 4 Barely There Case Hipster Combo$49.99

Now there’s a carrying option that matches the world’s thinnest smartphone in design brilliance. Slim and sleek: the Barely There iPhone 4 case is a layer of protection and polish in a hard-to-break plastic shell. It surrounds corners but leaves most of your iPhone visible. When duty calls and you’re on the go, clip onnbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Barely There Cases

iPhone 4 Barely There Cases$24.99

Sometimes the best case involves the least argument. This thinnest iPhone 4 case is the surest way to highlight the world’s thinnest smartphone (at 9.3 millimeters). Slim, sleek: the Barely There iPhone protective case is an update to our beloved, popular original. Barely There offers a layer of protection and polish while leaving more ofnbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo

iPhone 4 Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combo$49.99

Enhance your experience. For people on the go who desire more complete protection for their Apple iPhone, our case works perfectly with this sleek carbon fiber leather holster. Handcrafted from the world’s finest-grade Italian leather which is wrapped around an impact resistant molded shell, the form-fit leather cradle will hold your iPhone while in ournbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Chrome with Mirror Screen Protector

iPhone 4 Chrome with Mirror Screen Protector$29.99

Your iPhone 4 is brilliant. It helps you plan the future, stay tight with the past . . . Now there’s a protective case for it that keeps up with the present—in matching minimal style. The Chrome iPhone 4 case is a metallic silver version of our popular Barely There case. For a solid piecenbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Clear Armor

iPhone 4 Clear Armor$19.99

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? Or, say, if a phone is covered but no one can detect it, is it still protected? Yes, yes it is…with Clear Armor. This material was originally made for the army – it’s that serious. Itnbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Dulce Cases

iPhone 4 Dulce Cases$24.99

Celebrate the sweet seasons changing with Case-mate’s colorful new Dulce! iPhone 4 cases. Made from an impact resistant rubber, the Dulce! iPhone 4 case comes in three color choices sure to brighten your day. Form-fit to the countour of your iPhone 4 Unique flower pattern Impact resistant rubber Access to all iPhone 4 buttons andnbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Firenze Cases

iPhone 4 Firenze Cases$49.99

The iPhone 4 Firenze is a soft leather pouch with a perfect combination of quality, functionality and sparing design. Featuring premium napa leather with perforated leather accents and a tab closure, the iPhone 4 Firenze will keep your iPhone 4 stylishly protected at all times. Premium Napa leather Perforated leather accents Tab closure

iPhone 4 Gelli Cases

iPhone 4 Gelli Cases$19.99

iPhone 4, meet your happy match: the Gelli. Bright displays of fun color highlight cutting-edge technology. The Gelli iPhone 4 case brings visually dazzling patterns and flashes of color, all of which are uniquely blended for maximum pop. There’s more. The Gelli iPhone 4 case keeps your style tight with specially engineered, lightweight thermoplastic. Itsnbsp;… [View Details]

iPhone 4 Horizontal Hipster

iPhone 4 Horizontal Hipster$34.99

Modern cowboy or modern hipster? If you’re carrying an iPhone 4 . . . maybe both . . . and definitely modern. Keep your cutting-edge tool in a safe place for modern life and avoid those hand-held bad endings: the dropped & lost tragedies. The Horizontal Hipster iPhone 4 case will keep you traveling onnbsp;… [View Details]