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iPhone 4 Clear Armor – $19.99

iPhone 4 Clear Armor

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? Or, say, if a phone is covered but no one can detect it, is it still protected? Yes, yes it is…with Clear Armor. This material was originally made for the army – it’s that serious. It protected Apache Helicopter blades from damage in Desert Storm, so you bet your ass it’ll protect your iPhone 4.

Clear Armor for the iPhone 4 is the highest quality protective film available on the market today. If our premium leather cases aren’t exactly what you were looking for, the transparent defense offered by Case-mate’s Clear Armor is the best way to keep your iPhone 4 in pristine condition. With Clear Armor, Case-mate is the Clear leader in device protection.

Each Clear Armor kit includes: 2 sets of Clear Armor, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a bottle of application solution, an applicator card, and application instructions.

Installation is easy. Simply remove the film from the backing, spray it with the included solution to moisten it, and position it on your phone. Smooth the bubbles out and let it dry. This film will protect your iPhone 4 for years to come.

Now with a lifetime warranty!