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iPhone 4 Chrome with Mirror Screen Protector – $29.99

iPhone 4 Chrome with Mirror Screen Protector

Your iPhone 4 is brilliant. It helps you plan the future, stay tight with the past . . . Now there’s a protective case for it that keeps up with the present—in matching minimal style.

The Chrome iPhone 4 case is a metallic silver version of our popular Barely There case. For a solid piece of work that accents the black / silver iPhone 4 design, we’ve added a mirrored screen protector. Turn your screen off to get a good look, then get on your way. Two reflective surfaces bring your bling to life (and add a little to your everyday).

With the Chrome iPhone protective case, it’s easier than ever to roll light. And of course, like everything case-mate, the strong, impact-resistant shell means you’ll roll safe.

  • reflective surface on back & front for quick-access mirrors
  • form-fit to the slim contour of iPhone 4
  • access to all iPhone 4 ports and functions
  • strong, impact resistant plastic shell
  • reflective iPhone 4 screen protection included