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iPhone 4 Barely There Case Hipster Combo – $49.99

iPhone 4 Barely There Case Hipster Combo

Now there’s a carrying option that matches the world’s thinnest smartphone in design brilliance. Slim and sleek: the Barely There iPhone 4 case is a layer of protection and polish in a hard-to-break plastic shell. It surrounds corners but leaves most of your iPhone visible.

When duty calls and you’re on the go, clip on the Hipster for more protection and portability. The Barely There is so thin, your iPhone 4 securely fits. The Hipster iPhone 4 case is hand-crafted from a supple, textured material molded onto a strong, impact resistant shell. It’s safe at your side with a minimal profile.

With the Barely There-Hipster combination, your iPhone 4 has a dedicated case and place, so you’re less likely to forget or drop your most important tool

  • Hipster includes a magnetic flap for fast, secure access
  • Barely There & the Hipster: impact resistant, flexible plastic shell
  • Barely There covers the back and corners of your device
  • Hipster is made of supple, animal-friendly material
  • Form-fit design matching the slim iPhone 4
  • Full-Face screen protector for iPhone 4 included